Video interviews, films, reviews

Drawing Symposium, in association with Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize

‘SusieWatch’, Art Car Boot Fair, live painting of animals 

‘The Future is Unwritten: Artists’ House Calls’, interview with Ben Luke.

Anna McNay, Artist Spotlight for UKNMWA

Starry Skies workshop with Hospital Rooms, December 2020

Dog-painting and drawing masterclass from The Viral Art Car Boot Fair

Talk with photographer Dr Priyan Odedra and artist Monique Jackson (creator of Coronadiary) about C19 and creativity.

Live painting filmed by Michael Nunn and William Trevitt, for Hospital Rooms, July 2020

Digital Art School film, made by Hospital Rooms, July 2020

Robert Dunt, interview for ArtTop10, June 2020

Anna McNay interview for Heatherley’s Online, June 2020.

Go With Yamo, pick of online art exhibitions, May 2020

Louisa Buck, ‘The Buck Stopped Here’, The Art Newspaper, April 2020, 

Anna McNay, the impact of Covid 19 on art critics, Studio International, April 2020

Video for Hospital Rooms of my Covid Posters, April 2020

Film made for Hospital Rooms, live drawing of ‘Frankie’, March 2020.

Art on a Postcard, Meet The Artist

‘Painting The Waste Land’, in conversation with Charlotte Mullins, May 2019

Artist Spotlight: Artists Collecting Society, January 2019

Roy Exley, Send in the Clowns, Artlyst, June 2018

Calum Cockburn: At the Violet Hour, Art Aesthetics Magazine, February 2018

Ayla Lepine, A Fractious yet a Fruitful Embrace, The Church Times, August 2017

Anna McNay, Studio International, June 2016

Richard Davey, ‘In Search of the Beautiful’, Image Magazine, 2016, 

Jonathan Evens, ‘In the Cause of a Clearer Vision’, Church Times, June 2016

Interview with Robert Priseman for Contemporary British Painting, 2015

Carole Jahme: interview to accompany exhibition at Paul Stolper Gallery, 2014 

Anna McNay, Art Corpus: ‘Vacant Lots’, WW Gallery, October 2012

Corinna Spencer, ‘Spying on Zombies’, Garageland Review, October 2012