Other shows and news

I am exhibiting in Drawing Biennial 2017 at Drawing Room, London from 2nd March-26th April. Online auction from 12th April. Read more

Three of my paintings are in “From Lisbon to Vladivostok via Minsk”, at Mikhail Savitsky Gallery, Minsk, and touring to the Belarusian Cultural Centre, Moscow in February.

I am showing with News of the World Gallery, Deptford in The Day of The Triffids (Episode 2, ‘the groping city’) from 7th April and 13th May.

I am painting a work for “Nasty Women: Cambridge”, exhibition from 21st to 30th April.

I shall be participating in ‘Contemporary Masters from Britain’ exhibitions in China: at The Yantai Art Museum, Yantai (7th July to 3rd August), Jiangsu Arts and Crafts Museum, Nanjing (10th – 23rd October) and Jiangsu Art Museum, Nanjing (30th October – 5th November).

Articles about my work 

Read reviews of “in atoms” retrospective at Paul Stolper Gallery in Studio International and Art Newspaper.

Read “In Search of the Beautiful: the Art of Susie Hamilton” by Richard Davey in the current issue of Image Journal.

Articles written by me

My essay, “Barbican Resident” will be in the next (“Urban Ghosts”) issue of Garageland.