Essays, Interviews & Talks

Interview with Paul Newman as Artist of the Month, Contemporary British Painting

Talk with photographer Dr Priyan Odedra and artist Monique Jackson of Coronadiary about creative and C19

Talk given for ‘Hospital Rooms’ before my dog-drawing workshop, part of their Creative Wellbeing series.

Essay: ‘Tentacular Roots’ from ‘On Margate Sands: Paintings and Drawings based on ‘The Waste Land, November 2018

Susie Hamilton, Painting and Literature, November 2020

Interview with Destig Magazine, March 2019

Painter to Painter interview with Robert Priseman

Thoughts on ‘Glitter and Ash’ with Ayla Lepine, Hampstead Church, 2020

Conversation with Nick Fudge in Turps Banana Magazine 18, July 2017

Talk: “Here Comes Everybody”, given for ACE: Artists’ Residencies in Churches and Cathedrals, June 2017

Essay: “Barbican Resident” in Garageland 21, ‘Urban Ghosts’

Essay: “The Triangular Hour” in Arty 37, ‘Isolation Chamber Vacation’.

Essay: “Remaking/Unmaking” in Garageland 20: ‘Remake/remodel’.

Interview with Paul Stolper for “in atoms” catalogue

Essay: “The Self in Speech”, Garageland 19: ‘Self’.

Essay: “Hen Nights” in Arty 35, ‘British Culture’.

Essay: “Cy Twombly’s Jouissance”, Garageland 18: Sex.

Talk: “Freezer”, given at The John Moores Exhibition, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool in November 2014

Talk: “Riddled with Light”, given at St Mary Le Strand, London in November 2013

Talk: “Ecce Homo”, All-Hallows-on-the-Wall, London in July 2010.

Interview with Louisa Buck for catalogue of exhibition at Triumph Gallery, Moscow, 2008