Essays, Interviews & Talks

Talk given for ‘Hospital Rooms’ before my dog-drawing workshop, part of their Creative Wellbeing series.

My recorded studio conversation with Charlotte Mullins about “On Margate Sands: Paintings and Drawings based on T.S.Eliot’s ‘The Waste Land'”: below

Essay: ‘Tentacular Roots’ from ‘On Margate Sands: Paintings and Drawings based on ‘The Waste Land,┬áNovember 2018

Conversation with Nick Fudge in Turps Banana Magazine 18, July 2017

Talk: “Here Comes Everybody”, given for ACE: Artists’ Residencies in Churches and Cathedrals, June 2017

Essay: “Barbican Resident” in Garageland 21, ‘Urban Ghosts’

Essay: “The Triangular Hour” in Arty 37, ‘Isolation Chamber Vacation’.

Essay: “Remaking/Unmaking” in Garageland 20: ‘Remake/remodel’.

Interview with Paul Stolper for “in atoms” catalogue

Essay: “The Self in Speech”, Garageland 19: ‘Self’.

Essay: “Hen Nights” in Arty 35, ‘British Culture’.

Essay: “Cy Twombly’s Jouissance”, Garageland 18: Sex.

Talk: “Freezer”, given at The John Moores Exhibition, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool in November 2014

Talk: “Riddled with Light”, given at St Mary Le Strand, London in November 2013

Talk: “Ecce Homo”, All-Hallows-on-the-Wall, London in July 2010.

Interview with Louisa Buck for catalogue of exhibition at Triumph Gallery, Moscow, 2008