“The precision of naming takes away from the uniqueness of seeing.” Pierre Bonnard

My paintings often depict travelling figures (Sami, explorers, riders, Berbers, mountaineers, shoppers) struggling, dashing, trudging through the wilderness of the world. The wilderness may be a natural one or it may be a bleak public space such as superstore, casino or mall. The settings are frequently overwhelming in the sense that they dwarf or challenge the living creature. They are also characterised by glaring light which exposes and blitzes the figure and sets up a violent contrast between dazzle and darkness.

The method and style of painting, as much as the setting, challenge the figure and the figurative. The style hovers on abstraction with the figure and the figurative being threatened with loss of identity and transformation into abstract forms. Figures and objects become mysterious or menacing, replacing the named and known with the unnamed and unknown.

Interview with Destig Magazine, March 2019


Guardian journalist Carole Jahme’s interview in my studio, below